100th NC Healthy Built Home

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100th-nc-healthy-built-home.jpgIf you’ve ever seen the Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina, you know just how breathtaking the scenery is there. I suppose it is that natural beauty that is attracting so many potential homeowners to the area. So of course more homes will be built, disturbing the pristine landscape. But there is some good news: many new homes are being built to higher standards and considering environmental impacts.

There is a program in place that certifies houses built to green standards called NC Healthy Built Homes. Recently, the 100th such house (pictured here) in western North Carolina has been certified. According to an article in the Citizen-Times today, “homes earn certification by fulfilling a long checklist of details that include raising energy efficiency and using recycled materials while cutting down on waste and damage to the environment.” The homes are also considered healthier living spaces because of the reduction of harmful chemicals used in building materials. Another important perk is that they are less expensive to operate and maintain. All significant concepts in today’s marketplace.

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