PepsiCo Inc to Make Largest Purchase of RECs

PepsiCo Inc. is going to purchase enough RECs to offset the electricity usage, 629 million kilowatt-hours, of its U.S. operations. RECs, or Renewable Energy Credits, are certificates that subsidize the development of renewable energy sources, like wind, biomass, small scale hydro-electric, methane gas, and geothermal resources. They are essentially carbon credits to offset CO2 (carbon […]

Solar Power Sheds Light on Rural Village

The power of solar has brought hope and enlightenment to the poor, rural village of Gudda, India. There are no real roads leading to Gudda, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, but now there is a sense of accomplishment. A student of Barefoot College, about an hour from Gudda, has brought light to the village for […]

Extensive Furniture Line at

Looking for a new, eco-friendly baby’s bedroom set? Online retailer has many options for the kids, plus furniture for the living and dining rooms, bedroom, home office, and even for the great outdoors. New furniture pieces are made from sustainably forested wood, recycled materials (like Poly-wood and steel), natural latex and organic cotton (in […]

NWF Rates Outdoor Furniture for Greenness

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) conducted a recent study to determine which retailers are selling and clearly identifying outdoor furniture that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC certifies wood that comes from sustainably managed forests that prevent deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions, and protect natural habitats. Crate & Barrel and Pier […]

Home Depot Offering Eco-Options

Home Depot, the world’s largest buyer of construction materials, is labeling its most environmentally-friendly products with a new “Eco-Options” label. They expect the line to include 6000 products by 2009, which will make shopping easier for consumers. Home Depot’s vice president for environmental innovation says that “given the option of a product that performs just […]

Green in the Desert?

Palm Desert, California is making changes to green up the town by reducing greenhouse gases and conserving precious resources, like water. The city is requiring homes to be built to higher energy efficient standards and use drought tolerant landscaping. They’ve determined the biggest energy users as air conditioners and pool pumps and plan to get […]

Latest GreenSpec Directory: A Great Source for Green Building Professionals

For all of you out there interested in the latest and greenest building materials, check out’s recently issued 7th edition of the GreenSpec Directory. It lists over 2100 green building products that meet their high standards. They are a trusted, unbiased source who receive no advertising dollars from manufacturers. Their website also includes numerous […]

Plastic Bags’ Productive Afterlife

The ease of recycling plastic bags into various green building products is creating new markets. Not only is recycled plastic and wood-fiber plastic composites good for outdoor lumber, they are now being made into door jambs, window casings, siding, roofing shingles, mouldings, playground equipment, and other products. These long-lasting products are superior to wood in […]

Energy Star Homes

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program (an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency) is gaining momentum. In 2006, another 200,000 new homes qualified for the Energy Star. That brings the grand total to over 750,000 Energy Star homes across America. Not only are these homes energy efficient and better […]

Town to Rebuild Green

Greensburg, Kansas was leveled this past May after a tornado struck the town. Interestingly enough, the town will be rebuilt using environmentally friendly materials and technologies that are expected to withstand future natural disasters. Eco-friendly voyeurs can catch the reconstruction as it will be showcased on Planet Green, Discovery’s future channel in early 2008. The […]

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