A Need to Increase Energy Efficiency

Residential energy use accounts for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. The American Institute of Architects, the U.S. Green Building Council and others are promoting an energy-efficiency strategy called the 2030 Challenge. It aims for “residential and commercial buildings built today to use half the amount of fossil fuel of average existing […]

Computers Can be Green Too

The Green Electronics Council aids the public and private sector in purchasing green computers and monitors through their project EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) which launched in July 2006. To receive EPEAT certification, a product must meet a minimum of 23 criteria, which range from: a reduction in toxic materials used in production, to […]

Green Homes = Happier Homeowners

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and McGraw-Hill Construction conducted research to gage customer satisfaction of homeowners who’ve purchased green homes.  A mere 85% said they were more satisfied with their green homes than with their previous, more traditionally built homes. Green remodeling and renovation are gaining popularity as well, with 40% of those […]

Upcoming Green Festivals

The Green Festivals, a joint project of Co-Op America and Global exchange, held across the United States this year are forums for people, businesses and communities to share ideas about going green. You can socialize, listen to local bands, enjoy organic food and wines; and even shop for gifts as you learn about sustainability. The […]

A Builder’s Own Green Home

Architect/Builder Bill Styczynski, of Chicago, is building his own home with many green features to show other builders and homeowners how easy and cost-effective it can be. The two-story, 4200 sq ft home will initially be open to the public as part of the Chicago Luxury Home tour (www.chicagohometour.com) in September, then home to his […]

Discovery’s New Green Channel

Can’t wait ’til 2008! Discovery’s new 24-hour channel, PlanetGreen, is scheduled to air within a year. It will enlighten viewers in 50 million U.S. homes with the latest on green science and technology, transportation and eco-tourism, home greening and organic living. They are so confident in the growing sustainable movement that they are investing $50 […]

Should We Pay for Unused Oil?

Ecuador’s President has an unusual plan to preserve the environment and help ease the poverty in his nation by having wealthy nations pay for oil that Ecuador will leave underground in rainforests. To drill for oil in the rainforest, home to endangered white bellied spider monkeys and rare jaguars, would wreak havoc on the environment. […]

Greenbox Invented to Capture Emissions

A chemist and two engineers in Wales have spent two years inventing and testing an exhaust collection device that is being dubbed “Greenbox”. It captures 85 – 95% of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions (those that contribute to global climate change) from automobiles. It looks promising, even instilling hope to capture emissions from buildings […]

A Nursery Fit for a Baby

Picture it … a beautiful day and your newborn baby, a tiny human being that is still developing and growing, comes home to begin his or her life in a freshly painted nursery filled with new carpeting, window treatments, furniture and bedding, new clothes and diapers to wear, perfectly-scented baby care products to bath in […]

Bicycling to Curb Pollution in Paris

In an effort to reduce pollution and traffic, Paris is joining other cities, like Stockholm, Vienna, Brussels, Barcelona and Copenhagen, by providing bicycles at various stations around the city for use by citizens and tourists. The bicycles are even free for the first half hour! Daily, weekly or yearly passes are available in 8 languages, […]

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