Need a Light? Check these out

Find attractive and recycled pewter, bronze, cast iron, and aluminum light fixtures at Eleek, like the ‘Cirrus’ pendant light shown here. They offer stock and custom fixtures, with options from table & floor, pendant & chandeliers, to sconces & vanity, and flush-mount lighting. Even Eleek’s manufacturing processes and office procedures are as environmentally friendly as […]

Head Back to School The Eco-Friendly Way

Believe it or not, there are actually many green options out there for school and office supplies. The easiest way to find them is through online retailers, like Red Apple School Supply or The Green Office.  To find green computers, notebooks and monitors, check out EPEAT. I found that The Green Guide has lots of […]

An Urban Example of Building Green

A shining example, the Big Green Building will be constructed at Broad and South Streets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to showcase how saving the environment can go hand-in-hand with saving money. It will be a mixed-use structure housing office space, commercial kitchens, residential apartments, retail businesses and research facilities. I can just imagine the wonderful aromas […]

PA Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Festival

A fun, educational festival will be held September 22 and 23 in Kempton, PA (about 23 miles west of Allentown). Bring the kids along to learn about renewable energy, natural building construction, sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency, and more. Live music, entertainment and children’s activities will be featured. You can even enter to win a Toyota […]

Combat Beach Erosion With Recycled Glass?

Broward County, Florida may seek crushed recycled glass to bolster beaches as a supplement to dredging that brings in sand. Most of Broward County’s beaches, and more than a quarter of Florida’s coastline, are critically eroded.  New Zealand and a Dutch Caribbean island have already put recycled glass to the same use. Read the full […]

Outdoor Building Materials and Furniture Options

Recycled plastic or composite wood products are great alternatives to chemically treated wood for outdoor furniture, decking and fencing. They are extremely durable and long-lasting, look great, and are virtually maintenance-free! They are also cost-competitive for higher-end wood options and slightly more expensive than standard, treated wood products. Recycled plastic furniture is made with 100% […]

Outdoor Solar Lighting

If you don’t have outside outlets to plug in lights or if you don’t want your electricity bills to increase with new outdoor lighting, solar lights may be perfect for you. Outdoor solar lighting uses the power of the sun to run solar cells that store the power in batteries for lighting at night. There’s […]

Heat Your Pool With An Attic Fan! has an interesting story about a pool heating system from SolarAttic that uses the heat that builds up in a home’s attic to provide heat to the backyard swimming pool. It even cools off the attic a bit.

National Forests Getting Trashed

It’s a sad fact that some visitors to our national parks have no respect for nature. They leave trash behind after outings or purposely use forests as dumping grounds.   [As a side note, an interesting episode of “Dirty Jobs” with Mike Rowe showed a tire recycling company’s efforts to clean up the massive amounts of […]

Some Green Efforts Can Go Further

Yesterday, I was enjoying the last of my organic strawberries from Driscoll’s, thinking of how much better they were for me, the workers who picked them, and the environment. Then, when I went to put the plastic container in the recycling bin, I noticed it had a #6 on the bottom, indicating that I couldn’t […]

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