Head Out to Arizona For The Green Building Expo

Only one week to go! The 10th annual Green Building Expo, taking place on October 5 and 6th in Scottsdale, Arizona, will feature green and sustainable building products, practices, and technologies. It will include exhibits, seminars, workshops and a film festival. For more info, click here. 

A Green Bath

Bathroom renovations are one of the most popular home projects these days and it’s getting easier to create a healthy, beautiful and environmentally-friendly space for your family. Try incorporating some of these techniques and materials:

Innovative Use for Foam Packaging

Wait..Don’t Throw Away That Foam! If you’re like me, you just hate to throw away all that foam packaging that comes with the new t.v., computer monitor, or other bulky, but fragile items we buy. Well, according to Inhabitat, Tom Ballhatchet, has come up with a new concept to put that foam to a second […]

Could Your Old Tires Become Your New Roof?

During the Excellence in Design Tour, that I wrote about in a post on Monday, I came across an ingenious product made from recycled rubber–it was slate-looking roof tiles. In a side-by-side comparison with real slate, it looked identical. Not only is it a terrific use for recycled rubber, it is half the weight of […]

Now You Can Dim That Light, Even With CFLs!

Long-lasting compact fluorescent light bulbs are great for conserving energy, reducing your electric bills and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, but until now they weren’t compatible with dimmer switches. EcoGeek has the good news. Remember to dispose of CFL’s properly as they contain trace amounts of mercury inside. Go to earth911.org, lamprecycle.org or contact your local […]

Earth-Friendly Window Treatments

Dressing your new energy-efficient windows? There are several options for beautiful, earth-friendly curtains and drapes. Here are our picks: Earthshade.com uses Fair Trade practices and natural processes for their handcrafted lined or unlined roman shades and solar shades. Their high quality, competitively-priced shades are perfect for

NAHB to Launch Green Building Program

Well 2008 seems like it will be a pivotal year for pushing green building full steam ahead. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), which currently promotes model green home building guidelines, will launch a national standard, the National Green Building Program.

2008 HGTV Dream Home Will Be a Green Home!

For several years now, I have entered to win the HGTV dream home, without much luck.  But next year will be my year…I was meant to wait until the dream green home was to be built, I’m sure of it!  The South Carolina low country home will incorporate green building practices and materials, paying close […]

Green Home Tour Held in Bucks County, PA

I was fortunate to enjoy the annual “Excellence in Design Tour” yesterday on such a perfect autumn day. It included 5 homes, a couple of restored barns and the Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve. All of the homes were beautiful, but one in particular caught my eye, the first LEED certified home built recently in Pennsylvania, […]

EPAs Reasons to Build Green

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, buildings in the U.S. account for 39% of total energy use and 38% of carbon dioxide emissions.  They highlight the environmental, economic and social benefits of building to higher standards.  Check it out here.

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