Green Commercial Buildings Tour

If you’re thinking of doing a green renovation for your commercial office space, you can take a tour of five of Portland’s high performance buildings.  Get more details and your tickets now for the October 3 tour at Green Skyline.

Walmart Selling its Own CFLs

In an effort to reduce prices and attract more buyers to energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs, Walmart is now selling its own private label CFLs. Compact fluorescents use a fraction of the electricity that incandescents use, they provide quality light, last much longer and save money on your electric bill. You can reduce greenhouse gases […]

What’s Wrong With Peat Moss?

It’s ironic that gardeners use peat moss in their gardens to help bring the beauty of nature to their backyards, but what they don’t realize is that the harvesting of peat is actually environmentally destructive.  Well, a new product called RePeat is now available and it’s benefits are two-fold.  It works as a peat moss […]

Let The Light Shine In

You’ve probably realized that sunlight makes you feel happier, more energetic, and more productive.  In your home or office, daylighting also reduces the need for artificial lighting, therefore reducing your electricity bills.  The Department of Energy has an informative article on how you can save energy through the use of daylighting and lower energy-consuming lighting.  […]

First Grocery Store to Achieve LEED Gold

It just makes sense…a natural foods store that incorporates green building technologies and materials into its construction. The PCC Natural Markets store in Redmond, Washington has 28 skylights to minimize electricity use, uses waste heat from refrigerators for space and water heating, and integrated recycled content materials and low-VOC finishes throughout the store. Even bike […]

Check Out The Neighbor’s Green Home

Mark your calendar for the green home tour in San Francisco, California this coming Sunday, September 23.  You can view 7 homes that have incorporated green technologies and materials.  For more details, visit Build It Green here.

Solar Panel Awnings

What a concept! Yesterday I read TreeHugger’s blog about them, then saw them again last night while watching, “Living With Ed” on HGTV. It makes perfect sense for solar panels to be used as awnings on the sunniest sides of a house or building so that they can do double duty and provide much needed […]

The Sustainable Dining Room

It never ceases to amaze me how many household items you can find that are available in more environmentally friendly options. I’ve compiled some resources here from furniture to flooring and drapes to dishes. Shopping for a new dining room table to show off during the upcoming holidays? I found tables and chairs of fine […]

Hybrid-Only Repair Shop Goes Green

Kudos to Carolyn Coquillette for opening the first repair shop dedicated to servicing only hybrid vehicles!  This entrepreneurial woman has also integrated several green building techniques into the San Francisco-based business.  From daylighting strategies to offering re-refined motor oil, she is conscientious of the garage’s daily environmental impact.  Prius Owners Group has the full story.

Refrigerator Energy Efficiency Standards to Increase

If you can wait until April 2008 for a new refrigerator, you can save even more money on your electric bill by purchasing one that is Energy Star rated.  Today’s Energy Star refrigerators are 15% more efficient than current federal energy efficient standards, but that will increase to 20%.  This is good news considering that […]

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