Solar Water Heaters

Why not use the power of the sun to heat the water for your home or business? Solar water heaters can be used in any climate, and unlike their conventional counterparts, they don’t pollute the air with tons (literally) of carbon dioxide. The average electric water heater emits about 8 tons of CO2 annually, and […]

Choosing the Perfect Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

“If every American home replaced just one light bulb with an ENERGY STAR qualified bulb, we would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for a year, more than $600 million in annual energy costs, and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of more than 800,000 cars.” Here’s what you need […]

San Francisco Green Festival

It’s that time of year again…  Party with a purpose at the San Francisco Green Festival which will take place November 9-11th at the Concourse Exhibition Center.  Enjoy live music, workshops, organic beer, wine, and food.  Get a jump on your holiday shopping too with 400 green business on tap.  Join Dr. Deepak Chopra and […]

7 Simple Ways To Save Energy

We all want to save money on heating costs, so here are a few really easy no-cost, or low-cost, things you can do to save energy in your home this fall and winter. Plus you’ll reduce pollution and your carbon emissions! 1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

Green Building Resources

Of course, when you need green building news and information, GreenStrides is a great place to visit.  Another comprehensive resource for those working in the green building field and for those looking for information can come together to share ideas, opinions, as well as find and rate green products and services, at RateItGreen. 

Improving Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year, but the cool, brisk temperatures prompt homeowners to close up the windows.  Unfortunately, that lack of fresh air to help dissipate indoor allergens and chemicals, may leave you feeling sick with watery eyes, runny nose, throat irritation, or worse…  

Green Website To Educate Contractors

A new website has been established to help contractors learn more about green building practices.  Comprehensive information regarding the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system for green buildings will be posted at  Greenerbuildings has the full story here.

Tiles of Art

We found a few more places where artisan tile can be found. Ceramic tile has several environmentally friendly characteristics. It’s made from natural, often local ingredients; is durable and long-lasting; does not emit VOCs; and sometimes contains recycled content. Keep in mind though that kiln firing of tile is energy intensive. Some American craftsmen (and […]

Tiles of Art, Perfect for Your Craftsman Style Home

Looking for something more exciting than plain old ceramic tile for your backsplash? Beautiful, hand-made artisan tile can create a unique accent on a wall, backsplash, or fireplace surround. Motawi Tileworks, of Ann Arbor Michigan, specializes in making tiles inspired by early 20th century style. Their latest collection, due out at the end of this […]

Planet in Peril Conclusion

Anyone who watched the conclusion of the CNN documentary, “Planet in Peril”, last night, would come away more enlightened on what is happening to this world we inhabit. There still may be some debate over what or whom is causing it, how fast it will continue to happen, and how detrimental to life on this […]

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