Government Goes Green

Since governmental agencies consume much of the energy in the U.S., it only makes sense for them to enact efforts that will reduce consumption. After all, now that there is a consensus among governmental figures that global warming does indeed exist and is a huge issue for all life on this planet, it’s encouraging to […]

Rockefeller Center Goes Green

I hadn’t been to New York during the wintertime for years, but last year finally decided I wanted to brave the cold to see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center.  It wasn’t quite the larger-than-life vision that had been ingrained into my childhood memories, but it was still incredible. 

An Autumn Observation

Has anyone in southeastern PA noticed how beautiful and brilliant the autumn leaves are right now?  It seems we’re at our peak, which typically occurs in mid-October.  Even though the season is called Fall, most of the leaves haven’t done that yet. As much as I appreciate the variety of vibrant colors, it is a […]

This Year’s Top 10 Green Building Products

BuildingGreen, publisher of the GreenSpec® Directory and Environmental Building News™, recently announced its selections for the top 10 green building products for 2007. The GreenSpec® Directory now features over 2000 innovative products. This years top picks

Environmentally-Friendly Nature Center to be Built

If any one thing in this world makes sense, it would be this! Nature centers, whose whole purpose is to be a venue where people can enjoy and learn about nature, should be built with the environment-at-large in mind. It’s nice to see this concept catching on.

South Jersey Gets its First Green Building

Being a Jersey girl, I know first hand why NJ is called the “garden state”, even though many people associate New Jersey with a less desirable ambiance. But the little state has everything: rolling hills, farmland, forests, cities, and the ocean, making it a great place to live, if you can afford the taxes!

Los Angeles Plans to Clear the Smog!

What, they don’t like the big gray cloud that hangs over the city?! The Los Angeles Planning Commission has just approved measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions through green building programs.

Green TVs?

Thinking about buying a new plasma or LCD television for that special someone? Well, now you can find TVs that aren’t quite the energy hogs as they used to be. A program to reduce electricity usage, and thereby reduce pollution and global warming, “Energy Star” comes to the rescue.

Plant Trees While You Shop at IKEA

The IKEA name is recognizable everywhere due to its distinct line of home furnishings. Now IKEA will be known for something more meaningful in the U.K., as it partners up with the Woodland Trust to plant a tree every time one of its patrons uses his or her store card.

New, Greener Building Materials

The manufacturing of drywall and cement are some of those building products that release significant amounts of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. But one company, Serious Materials, has come up with a viable alternative to baking gypsum to make drywall, in which chemicals are placed into a mold and then […]

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