Green New Year’s Resolutions

As we reflect on this past year’s accomplishments and mishaps, the message to “Save the Environment” was certainly at the forefront much of the time. I was thinking about New Year’s resolutions, and it occurred to me that I’m not sure that I ever made any. So in the spirit of global tradition, I thought […]

Green Remodeling Seminar Offered in NY

Another January is approaching in Ithaca, New York, and you know what that means: more snow and the Green Building Seminar Series presented by the Ithaca Green Building Alliance and Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Build on a Marsh, Get Mold

It makes sense to me, but years ago (1970 to be exact), there seemed to be nothing wrong with building a baseball dormitory on a marshy area in Sarasota County. Since then, the building had been sold to the county to be used as an office building. It underwent a renovation in 2003 when mold […]

100th NC Healthy Built Home

If you’ve ever seen the Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina, you know just how breathtaking the scenery is there. I suppose it is that natural beauty that is attracting so many potential homeowners to the area. So of course more homes will be built, disturbing the pristine landscape. But there is some good […]

FSC Certified Wood Available in Midwest

The Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, certifies wood products that come from well-managed forests.  Lampert Yards, Inc., a lumber supplier to the Upper Midwest region has earned FSC “Chain-of-Custody” certification.  If you’re in need of wood products, just look for the FSC label on such products at your local retailer (across the country). According to an […]

Green Technology Finds Funding

With the financial and environmental costs of using fossil fuels getting out of control, many venture capitalists are investing in cleaner, greener technologies.  According to an article at CNET news this morning, investors provided “$2.6 billion to clean-tech start-ups in the first nine months of 2007.”  From solar thermal to energy efficient building materials, new technologies are emerging and receiving […]

HGTV’s Green Dream Home

After much debate, I decided to write another post about the HGTV dream home.  I wasn’t sure if I should share the news to those of you who haven’t heard about it, solely for selfish reasons…the fewer the number of entries, the better my own chances of winning it are!

Even Moving Can Be Green!

I’m almost a pro at this point of moving the contents of my home every now and again, but I didn’t realize there were more ways to make the move a little easier on the environment.

Homes Go Green in the OC

A new, multi-unit brownstone community was recently constructed just two blocks from quaint Old Towne Orange and the convenient Metrolink in Orange County, California. The new development is the first in the OC to achieve LEED gold certification by meeting green building standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Wanted: Boulder Residents’ Opinions on Green Building

Residents of snow-capped Boulder, Colorado are invited to share their ideas at a public hearing tonight that will determine which green building requirements should be implemented in the county. A “BuildSmart” program has been formulated to promote energy-efficient housing; better use of building materials to reduce waste that occurs during new construction; and guidelines for […]

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