See the Green at the International Builder’s Show

The National Association of Home Builder’s annual convention is the place for builders to discover the latest and greatest products and services that go hand-in-hand with success.  This year’s show will incorporate enlightening green building events, seminars, and exhibitors. The NAHB will be launching its National Green Building Program and the new Certified Green Professional […]

Open the Door to Greener Options

If you’re looking for interior doors that speak to the environmentalist in you, look no further.

Three Main Trends Justify Green Buildings

Building to greener standards is increasing in popularity due to three main reasons: Government initiatives. Green bills are being introduced and passed in several states. Government buildings are being built to be more environmentally-conscious, more productive spaces for workers, and energy and water efficient. Local, state, and federal tax incentives, rebates, and expediting of building […]

Early Spring?

Just thought I’d share a quick noteworthy tidbit. Yesterday, I noticed a group of red-breasted birds searching the ground for a favorite meal of worms–the birds were robins! If their early arrival is any indication of global warming, we may be in trouble considering I spotted them in southeastern Pennsylvania and it’s only the end […]

Building with Straw?

If you’ve ever been to the breathtaking southwestern states you’ve probably seen a strawbale house, or at the very least seen its nearly identical-looking twin, the stucco-covered adobe style house. It’s a technique that’s been around for centuries and is gaining in popularity once more because of its environmental attributes. Some of these durable, early […]

New Green CIA Buildings: No Secret

The Central Intelligence Agency has committed to building to green standards for its new facilities in northern Virginia. From green roofs to energy and water efficient systems, and fresh air to views of the outdoors, the new buildings are sure to provide pleasant working environments. has the full story.

Green Model Homes

I’ve been looking forward to the day when builders’ model homes showcase environmentally-friendly materials, finishes, and furnishings. That’s exactly what happened in Austin, Texas by a large-scale community developer of sustainable homes. The model home serves as a beautiful example of what measures consumers can have incorporated into their own new homes in the community […]

Utah’s Green Initiatives

With its many natural wonders, there’s no doubt that residents and government officials would want to do what they can to preserve Utah’s environment. According to Utah Clean Energy, there are several green initiatives on lawmakers’ agendas this legislative season.

Counting is for the Birds

One indication of how our environment is doing, is by evaluating populations of various animal species. This February anyone can take part in an annual event called the Great Backyard Bird Count, led by Audubon and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Green Home & Garden Show in Oregon

For all you lucky people who live out in the Eugene, Oregon area, this weekend is sure to be fun-filled and educational at the 3rd Annual Good Earth Home, Garden & Living show. The cost of admission and parking is free, but you can do your good deed for the day by bringing a can […]

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