Greening the Restaurant Industry

If you’re like me, you savor the experience of dining out, but may also feel guilt when the server packages your leftovers in non-recyclable plastic containers. Sometimes, I simply try to finish my entire meal to avoid that unpleasantness, but of course that only leads to the uneasy feeling of being over-stuffed. Thanks to the […]

Will Coal Industry Lose Wall Street Investors?

With half of the electricity in the U.S. generated by coal, would a reduction in investments in the dirty, planet-warming energy source make a difference? That remains to be seen as three major Wall Street investment banks question further financing of coal-fired power plants. After all, they do need to keep their shareholders happy. And […]

Green Partners: Electric Car & Green Building Showroom

The Green Building Exchange, a green products showroom in Redwood City, California, is partnering up with Green Motors of Berkeley to present electric cars to its green-minded patrons.

NY’s First LEED-Certified Museum

The Wild Center/Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks complex achieved LEED Silver certification from the US Green Building Council for its environmentally-conscious design.

The Natural Mattress

If you’re sensitive to synthetic chemicals, or concerned about indoor air quality or the environment, one thing you can do is consider purchasing a natural mattress when it’s time to replace that worn-out bed. It just makes sense to have a great bed, especially one made from renewable materials, since we spend so much of […]

Save the Ski Slopes

Around the world, ski resorts are feeling the heat of global warming. Over the past decade, winter seasons are shorter and snowfall amounts have decreased. Unfortunately, to compensate for the lack of snow, many resorts make artificial snow through energy-intensive methods which only add to climate change.

Eccentric Olympic Venue

The 2008 aquatic Olympic games will be held in this remarkable, newly-opened building in Beijing. Dubbed the “Water Cube”, for its brilliantly lit blue bubble membrane that provides impressive energy savings, this steel structure is sure to dazzle Olympic spectators and participants alike. The innovative and recyclable membrane consists of a material called ETFE (Ethylene […]

Net-Zero Energy Buildings to Be the Norm in CA

As a way to curb carbon emissions in the state, the California Energy Commission (CEC) recommends, in its 2007 report, the requirement of net-zero-energy performance in residential buildings by 2020 and in commercial buildings by 2030.

Greening Historic Renovations

I came across an interesting article this morning regarding historic renovations on Nantucket that sparked my thoughts about how such renovations should inherently be green. To preserve a structure from the past is the ultimate in green building. And if it’s done with environmental consideration, it will result in a building that meets the needs […]

Green-Built Library Saving Lots of Green

New York State’s first green library, Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library, opened its doors a year ago and has been benefiting from significant savings in energy bills ever since. The 55,000 square-foot building exceeds the state code by 30% for energy efficiency, allowing for $66,000 in annual savings.

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