Map Shows How Green Austin, Texas Is

Residents of Austin, Texas are proud of every green stride that’s been made in the quaint town. Now everyone can see for themselves exactly where green building projects are located throughout the city via an interactive green map.

Vegas Gambles on Green

Las Vegas, Nevada is home to huge, elaborate hotels and casinos that seem to be bigger than life. The latest trend for these mega resorts is to conserve resources and increase energy efficiency in new construction.

Green Housing Can Be Affordable Too

The notion that green built homes are only for the wealthy is a misconception. While it’s true that some environmentally-friendly materials cost a bit more than their conventional counterparts, the long-term savings of many items reduce the overall costs. Even entire homes can be built to suit the affordable housing market.

The West is Warming Up

The Western portion of the United States is well-known for its dry climate and water scarcities, but now scientists warn that rising temperatures will impose even more severe drought conditions.

National Tropical Botanical Garden Goes Green

Located on the breathtaking Hawaiian Island of Kaua’i, the National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG) has begun construction on its green headquarters which will serve as an educational, research and conservation center.

Housewares with a Green Twist

It boggles my mind how many greener alternatives already exist for household items. Last week, the International Home and Housewares Show 2008 was held in Chicago and many new, eco-friendly products were revealed.

The Beauty of Organic Flowers

One of life’s simplest pleasures, at least for me, is the sight and smell of a delicate flower. Flowers can add a cheerful and beautiful ambiance to any room. I came across an article that touted the greenness of the floral arrangements displayed at the U.S. Green Building Council’s recent Gala and it prompted me […]

Checklist For Green Building Materials

Trying to figure out exactly why some products are considered green while others are not? Ideally, we’d all like to live in homes that are healthy for our families and the environment, but sometimes it can be challenging. The U.S. Green Building Council and the American Society of Interior Designers teamed up to create an […]

Green-Built Resort Planned in Bahamas

A luxurious, self-sufficient, and green community is in the works on a deserted 35-acre island in the Bahamas. Dubbed STAR Island (Sustainable Terrain and Resources), it will consist of a waterfront resort, complete with its very own spa and fitness center, clubhouse, marina, restaurants and gourmet market.

NAHB Green Building Conference Scheduled

If you’re a home building professional, you’ll want to join the other 1500 expected attendees of the 10th annual National Green Building Conference of the National Association of Home Builders. It will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana from May 10th through May 13th at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel.

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