Recycled-Content Carpeting

Americans replace approximately 5 billion pounds of carpet each year and most of it ends up in landfills. Thankfully, numerous companies are seeing the value in recycled carpet fibers (mostly nylon) to create new products, like: Geohay (a substitute for hay bales used on construction sites which can be reused numerous times); nylon resins; automotive […]

Recycling That Pays You Back

An innovative concept has been sweeping parts of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts which pays recyclers back for their efforts. RecycleBank is a system where recyclers earn points based on the weight of the items placed in special recycling bins. The reward points can then be used to shop at hundreds of participating stores.

Budget-Minded Green Home Planned in Portland

The Cascadia Region Green Building Council has issued a challenge for architects, engineers, and design professionals to build to a higher set of environmental standards. It’s called the Living Building Challenge and it requires that buildings generate their own energy from renewable resources, capture and treat all water on site, and use resources efficiently and […]

The Latest in LED Lighting

Since lighting accounts for a significant portion of our residential and commercial electrical usage, improvements in energy-efficient lighting can have a huge impact. Strides are constantly being made in energy-efficient lighting like LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, which save even more energy than compact fluorescents and don’t contain mercury.

Lake County Wants You (and Energy Independence)!

If you’re looking for clean air, spectacular views, and a place with historic charm to locate your home or business (especially if you’d like it to run on renewable energy) look no further than Lake County, Oregon.

Building Industry’s Vast Amount of Debris

In an earlier post, I mentioned the massive amount (100+ million tons) of construction and demolition debris that is sent to landfills every year in the United States. That is a ridiculously large amount and thankfully, there are increasingly more programs emerging to help combat this issue.

Dallas Adopts Green Building Measures

“Live Large, Think Big”, that’s the new slogan of Dallas, Texas, and that’s exactly what’s happening in regards to the city’s green building efforts. Dallas has become one of the first major cities in the U.S. to enact a green building ordinance requiring all new residential and commercial structures to adhere to environmentally-conscious standards.

Lifecycle Building Challenge

In an effort to reduce the 100 million tons of construction and demolition debris that the building industry generates annually, designs are sought after in a Lifecycle Building competition.

The Scoop on Green Roofs

A green roof is a multi-layered roof system that is literally covered in soil and vegetation. The waterproofing and root-repellent membranes, along with drainage and filtering layers allow select plants to grow atop a building providing a myriad of benefits.

Free Tampa Bay Green Expo

If you’re in the Tampa Bay area this Saturday, why not check out the free Going Green Tampa Bay Expo? The event will feature fun activities for the kids and inspiring workshops, films, exhibits, and discussions for adults. Enjoy sustainable food and art on display or performed by several green artists.

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