Bush Administration Finally Releases Climate Change Assessment

After a long stance of denying that global climate change even exists, Bush came to his senses not so long ago. Now, after a four-year delay, a court order has mandated the Bush Administration release its climate change assessment. The report acknowledges that “human-induced global warming will likely lead to problems like droughts in the […]

Sustainable Shopping

If you have Spring fever and feel the need to shop for new items for your home, family, office, car, or just yourself, there’s plenty of time-saving, online sustainable shopping to be done! EcoTrekker just did a post on their top 100 websites for eco-friendly shopping. Whether you’re looking for fashion and beauty products, food […]

Bike Tour Closes the Loop for Green Affordable Housing

Ride Green Build Green is an event organized by bicyclists to raise funds to build an affordable green-built home through Habitat For Humanity. Biking from Seattle to San Francisco, riders will enlighten the general public along the way about the need for affordable, energy-efficient homes for low-income families.

Cool Down With an Energy Star Ceiling Fan

Want to save energy and money on your cooling needs? Energy-efficient ceiling fan/light fixtures that carry the Energy Star label can be 50% more efficient than conventional fan/light units. By using improved motors and blade designs, and efficient and long-lasting lighting, these ceiling fans will keep you cool while saving energy.

The Point of Point-of-use-Water Heaters

If you have to wait for what seems like eternity for the water to run hot in your shower or sink, you could probably use a “point-of-use” water heater. It’s a small electric appliance, typically mounted under a cabinet or in a closet, designed to supply hot water to a designated fixture. This will significantly […]

Greening Buildings with Bio-Walls

An interesting trend in wall finishes is deemed “bio-wall”, where live plants literally cover the vertical surfaces of interior or exterior walls. Not only do these living walls create an aesthetically-pleasing surface, but they help insulate the building, clean the air, and enhance property value.

Conserving Resources at Architectural Trade Shows

Trade show exhibitors are notorious for producing all kinds of promotional materials, but one company, Draper, is making a concerted effort to conserve resources at the upcoming LightFair, NeoCon, Construct and Green Buildings New York events.

New Orleans: A Growing Market for Green Collar Jobs

The rebuilding efforts in New Orleans have resulted in an increased demand for workers trained in sustainable design and building. It turns out that Hurricane Katrina opened the doors for eco-friendly construction which not only benefits the environment, but also the town’s workforce.

Clean Power from the Garbage Dump?

The rotting garbage in our landfills produces methane, a greenhouse gas that is 21 times worse than carbon dioxide. But on the bright side, that methane gas can be utilized to generate clean energy. The world’s annual dumping of 1.6 billion tons of trash is a sustainable source of power!

NAHB Presents 2008 Green Development Award

The National Association of Home Builders recently presented its National Green Development of the Year Award to non-profit Thistle’s Blue Vista green and affordable new home development in Longmont, Colorado.

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