Saving Rain

Here in southeastern Pennsylvania, we’ve had a significant amount of rainfall lately and it makes me think about where all that water is going. Our stormwater systems have been overflowing at times and there have been flooding issues along the Delaware River and low-lying areas. Stormwater runoff from impervious paved surfaces is also a problem […]

ReVamped Creations Make Great Bags

It’s true that you can usually find an eco-friendly alternative to just about anything these days, and purses are no exception. If you’re searching for a unique, handmade bag made of recycled and reclaimed materials, look no further than ReVamped Creations. With good design in mind, the owner of this small enterprise, offers beautiful and […]

Fireman’s Fund Offers Insurance for Green Manufacturers

Manufacturers who have sustainable practices in place are eligible for a comprehensive insurance coverage endorsement by Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company of Novato, California.

Green Home Building Continues to Grow

Even in a down real estate market, the growth of green-built homes is evident.  The latest market research released by McGraw-Hill Construction reveals this year’s residential green building market to be worth $12 billion to $20 billion (6 percent to 10 percent of the market), with an expectation of it to double in five years. […]

Builders Win Awards for Saving Trees

Everyone wins when trees are saved during the construction of homes and buildings: wildlife can continue to enjoy established habitats, and occupants of those buildings benefit from cleaner air and water, as well as energy savings from shade trees, and of course from the beautiful surrounding scenery. Two builder-developers have recognized the importance of saving […]

Seeking Comfort in the Office Temperature Extremes

The reality of working in an office atmosphere is that dealing with uncomfortable temperature extremes is often a daily occurrence. The air conditioning works a little too well in the summer and the heat can be stifling in the winter. Now there is a simple solution to adjust the airflow, improve comfort, and save energy […]

Greening Outdoor Furniture

You may be searching for just the right patio set soon, so keep in mind the sustainable outdoor furniture that’s on the market today. Whether its sourced from recycled materials or from forests that are well-managed, there are several available options.

Suburbia Fueling Our Addiction to Oil

In a society where we must drive for miles to work,  school, shopping, and recreation, our dependence on oil and our creation of greenhouse gas emissions is a real problem.  Cities and mixed-use developments reduce their carbon footprint by providing everything one needs within walking or biking distance and via public transportation.  There’s room for improvement […]

Green Building Design Competition Kicks Off

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and partners are inviting design professionals and students nationwide to submit designs and ideas by July 31 for the 2nd annual Lifecycle Building Challenge. “The competition seeks designs that facilitate building material adaptation and reuse, minimize waste, and cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

Is Your Old Refrigerator a Waste of Energy?

In most households, the refrigerator is the biggest energy-consuming kitchen appliance. But there’s good news: Energy Star qualified refrigerators require about half as much energy as models manufactured before 1993 (and even 40% less than 2001 models). Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint by replacing your old frig with a new Energy Star […]

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