Children’s Book Wins Award

Get ’em hooked while they’re young… Eco Chick lets us know that the children’s book The Down-To-Earth Guide to Global Warming has won the 2007 Green Earth Book Award in nonfiction. Source: Eco Chick

Bulb Info From Down Under

The New Zealand Herald has a good question-and-answer article about CFL bulbs.

Furniture Makers Earn Sustainable Choice Certification

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), an independent third-party certifier of sustainability claims, recently announced its new Sustainable Choice label for furniture that meets high environmental performance standards.

Kudzu As a Biofuel

EcoGeek has a post about Kudzu’s potential as a biofuel. For anyone that has driven in the Southern US, you’ve seen Kudzu in all it’s “glory”. The vine overruns everything. There is so much of this stuff already everywhere that, if the people smarter than me can solve the negatives, the American south can become […]

Green Products to Receive NSF Certification

Now that people are realizing the value in green products, there’s a lot of “greenwashing” happening by companies who want you to believe that their products are green, even when it’s not 100% true. So what can consumers do to ensure the products they believe to be green truly are? One important thing to look […]

Paper Towels vs Hand Dryers

While maybe not the great debate that is paper vs plastic, paper towels vs electric hand dryers is one that I have pondered on occasion. Slate has an article tackling the subject. According to said article: “The bottom line is that hand dryers will be the greener choice in about 95 percent of circumstances.” Source: […]

Beyond Organic Farming

Some farmers have moved to vegan organic farming methods. In addition to not using synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, veganic farmers do not use manures or slaughterhouse byproducts. Nor do they use organically approved pesticides. Source: Yahoo

Practical (Not-So-Sexy) Green Measures

So, you’ve replaced your burnt out incandescent lightbulbs with compact fluorescents and been more conservative with the thermostat, now what else can you do to ease the strain on your wallet and the environment?

Think’s electric cars are coming to America

Think Global is a Norwegian electric car company with plans to start selling its existing models in the United States next year. In 2011, they plan to roll out their next-generation model, the Th!nk OX. The Ox can go up 155 miles on a single charge and the lithium-ion batteries can be charged to 80% […]

Zion National Park Adds a Touch of Green to the Desert

For years now, Zion National Park located in the dry, rugged terrain of southern Utah, has had sustainability at the forefront of its daily operations. According to the National Park Service, the concept of sustainability “is to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects, and the wildlife therein, and to provide for the […]

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