Is Propane a Green Source of Energy?

While propane is a clean-burning fuel, it is still a non-renewable fossil fuel and one that is derived from natural gas and crude petroleum. The United States actually uses more propane than any other country, and although the vast majority of it is produced here, the petroleum we derive it from is largely imported.

Happy Hallow-green Steamboat Springs!

This evening’s annual event of the Downtown Halloween Stroll in Steamboat Springs, Colorado will not only allow children to engage in safe trick-or-treating, but will also provide them with tips on going green. Participants will receive a reusable tote bag to collect their goodies and will learn about the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. […]

Green Trailer Conserves Resources

You know how those trailers sit at the entrance of every new housing development and construction site? Well, they typically consume 8 times the power of an average home! Here’s one that generates almost all of it’s own power, has improved indoor air quality, and is water-, energy-, and resource-efficient! Jetson Green has the full […]

The Heat of the Sun Really Cooks!

Solar cookers may look a bit funky, but they actually work, and cook food without consuming electricity or any fuels! Perhaps its most ideal use is for humanitarian relief efforts in third-world countries, but they are also perfect for camping, hiking, and picnicking excursions here in parts of the U.S. due to their portability.

Recycled Metal Hardware Adds Character

Looking for the perfect adornments to your cabinetry, doors, windows, shutters, and kitchen and baths (including sinks and lighting)? If you like the durable nature and cool aesthetic of metal, look no further than these hardware resources (for residential, commercial and hospitality applications)…

What’s Wrong with Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a chemical classified as a VOC, or Volatile Organic Compound, which vaporizes, or off-gases, at room temperature. Urea formaldehyde is of particular concern and is found in the glue/adhesive in pressed wood/particleboard/mdf products (for sub-flooring, shelving, cabinetry, and furniture); and in some paints. It is also released into the air through the use […]

Dress up Cabinetry with Recycled Glass Hardware

If you’re looking for the perfect accent to add an artistic flair to your cabinetry or chest-of-drawers, you’ll be happy to know that there are some great, green options out there. The following companies produce (in the USA) recycled-content hardware that is durable and attractive.

New Solar Thermal Plant Debuts in Sunny California

This innovative solar thermal plant located in Bakersfield adds to the state’s clean, renewable power resources. It’s the precursor of a much larger plant planned for San Luis Obispo in 2010 which will power more than 120,000 homes. Inhabitat has the scoop.

Green Living Expos Planned Across the U.S.

With events planned for Nevada, California, Hawaii, and New Hampshire, each free Green Living Expo focuses on improving the environment and our quality of life with an extensive array of green products, services and resources on hand. Numerous workshops and exhibits will feature green building & remodeling; healthy living; organic & natural products; kids zone; […]

Managing Fallen Leaves the Green Way

It’s a beautiful sight to see…the crisp, colorful autumn leaves drifting slowing toward the ground…that is until your yard is covered in them! Then, the reality of what to do with all of those leaves sets in. You could haul out the leaf blower and stink up the neighborhood as you pile up the leaves; […]

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