Contest Will Award Builders for Most Green, Affordable Homes

As part of its Growing a Greener Mississippi campaign, the Mississippi Home Corporation recently announced a green building challenge to all homebuilders in the state, with prize money equaling $100,000. The homes built must meet the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Model Green Home Building Guidelines level Bronze or above.  The NAHB Model focuses […]

Non-toxic, Homemade Cleaning Products, Part I

Wary of using harsh chemical-based cleaning products around your children, pets, asthma sufferers, and those with chemical sensitivities?  Here are some easy-to-make, inexpensive, and effective homemade solutions using an amazing ingredient that you likely have in your pantry:   white vinegar.

Stimulus Bill Expected to Grow Green Movement

A $60 billion portion of the estimated $825 billion stimulus bill that President Barack Obama and Congress are working on will be dedicated to promoting clean and efficient energy.  Not only will this help to reduce America’s carbon footprint, but many new jobs will be created.  Where will the money go? “Smart” grid technology and […]

Motion Activated Faucets Save Water

A sensor-activated faucet is ideal for bathrooms, commercial or residential, since it saves water by automatically turning on when it senses a hand, or, off when one’s hands are removed.  It eliminates the spread of germs since there are no handles to contaminate.  It’s perfect for children or those who have limited use of their […]

Waterless Car Wash Works Wonders Again

Here’s a post that I did in the early fall, but I thought I’d re-post it with some additional information.  A few days ago, we had a reprieve from the on-going 20-something degree temperatures, and I was able to spend some time outside again in 50 degree weather.  How glorious!  This time, I wondered how […]

Weekend Event: Go Green Expo in Los Angeles

Curious about the latest green products and services?  You can browse through 200+ booths and exhibits at the Go Green Expo which is taking place this weekend at the LA Convention Center.  Enjoy live music, environmentally-focused films, an eco-fashion show, organic food, panel discussions with eco-minded celebrities, and other activiites.

The Ultimate Clean Sweep: Central Vacuum

Imagine a household chore that is almost pleasant…it’s not out of the question with a central vacuum system in place.  A central vacuum consists of a stationary canister which is mounted on a wall in a basement or other remote area of the house.  A series of pipes run through the walls to inlets located […]

Green Home Featured at International Builders’ Show

This year’s International Builders Show takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada and highlights the latest and greatest in the field of construction.  Taking center stage is an innovative, 2,460 sq. ft., sustainable, modular home.  LivingHomes, a developer of sustainably designed, modern, prefabricated homes based in Santa Monica, Calif., partnered with Builder magazine to produce the […]

Super Dome Homes

Monolithic domes are long-standing, super-insulated structures that can withstand the forces of mother nature during hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes.  These structures also resist fire, termites, and rot.  Consisting of only major 4 ingredients, these dome structures cost less to construct than conventional buildings of the same size and use up to 50% less energy for […]

Save Water with Instant Hot Water Systems

If you’re tired of waiting a few minutes for the water to get hot in the shower or sink, and want to reduce your water/sewer bills or reduce the load on your septic system, you simply need an instant hot water system.  These easy-to-install systems save thousands of gallons of water from going down the drain unnecessarily each […]

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