Eco-Friendly Interior Trimwork

Thinking of dressing up that tired old living room with some elegant crown moulding?  Or, perhaps you’re in need of new base mouldings, or casings to surround doors and windows.  Now there are more eco-friendly options available for trimwork. From recycled plastic to wood waste fibers, the following options readily accept paint and are easily […]

Stairway to Sustainability

There’s nothing quite like the warmth and beauty of real wood.  It has long been used to create a wide array of products due to it’s workability and strength.  This renewable, re-useable, and recyclable natural resource is considered to be an eco-friendly material, but to find the most sustainable wood products, look for FSC (Forest […]

Free Green Building Web Seminars

The not-for-profit educational initiative, The Green Building Initiative, will be offering 4 free, interactive web seminars this month for commercial building owners.  The series, called “Managing Green Performance of Existing Buildings” will focus on “the dynamic, cost-effective, design and assessment tool, Green Globes™, Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings. Green Globes™ helps establish a baseline, prioritize […]

Soap Secrets Revealed

Ever stopped to wonder what’s in that soap you use to lather up while bathing?  Since it’s something that we use everyday (hopefully!), then we should be aware of what we’re exposing ourselves to so often, especially if we have sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, dry or aging skin.  Natural soaps are also gentler on babies […]

Open the Door to the Past

Old doors, like those found at architectural salvage yards, can add instant character to a newer home or help maintain a by-gone era in a historic structure.  Not only can they be used for their original purpose again, but for other, more creative functions.  Use your imagination and you’ll find that re-purposed doors can serve […]

Sonoma Environmental Film Festival

Planning to visit the breathtaking Napa Valley area of California later this month?  If so, be sure to check out the 2nd annual Sonoma Environmental Film Festival which aims to increase public awareness for the environment through a wide variety of inspiring and educational films. With 25+ films, there is sure to be one that […]

All About Low-Flow Showerheads

“Low-flow” doesn’t exactly sound appealing, but these water efficient showerheads still provide a powerful flow of water while conserving the precious resource.  Installation is easy and will significantly reduce your home water consumption (and water bills) and your energy cost of heating the water.  

East Coast “Green” Movie Studio will be World’s First

When you think of quaint New England towns, you probably don’t envision movie studios, but voters in Plymouth, Massachusetts are welcoming the idea and have approved the construction of a mega film studio complex.  It won’t be any ordinary studio though, it will be built to high performance, green building standards set by the U.S. […]

Making Solar Panels Affordable Through Leasing

If you’re interested in harnessing the power of the sun to supplement your electricity generation, but can’t afford the upfront cost of purchasing photovoltaics, leasing solar panels may be the answer you’re looking for.  Photovoltaics are a clean source of energy and can produce a significant portion of a household or building’s electricity.  This reduces […]

Spice Up The Bath With Recycled Metal

Whether it’s copper, aluminum, brass, or bronze, recycled metal can add a cool designer touch to any bathroom.  From stunning countertops and vessel sinks to unique cabinet hardware and soap dispensers, recycled metal bath fixtures and accessories can be found at a variety of brick-and-mortar stores and online.  The following manufacturers and retailers offer recycled […]

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