Top 10 Affordable Green Retrofits for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings use a tremendous amount of energy, water and resources, in their construction and in daily operations, but there are numerous ways to reduce environmental impacts and cut those costs at the same time.  The Environmental Building News just issued it’s top 10 affordable green retrofit strategies that are useful even if your building […]

Sustainable Design Competition Heats up in Dallas

The City of Dallas and Urban Re:Vision, in partnership with Central Dallas CDC and BC Workshop, are seeking a winning sustainable design that will transform a 2 1/2 acre city block in Dallas, Texas.  The Re:Vision DALLAS competition is calling all students, architects, engineers, city planners, designers, and visionaries to create an eco-friendly concept that […]

Refinishing Floors or Furniture? Try Non-toxic Wood Stains

There’s nothing more green than re-using what you already have.  But if your old wood floors or furniture need a “face-lift”, you can get a new, beautiful finish by using non-toxic wood stains. First, start by stripping the old paint or stain using products that don’t compromise the environment, both indoors and out.  Then, use […]

Celebrate Earth Day by Volunteering

Now that Spring has finally arrived, many of us are likely to spend more time outdoors enjoying nature.  Earth Day, a day to appreciate fresh air, clean water and a healthy environment, is fast approaching.  Now is the time to start planning with friends and family how you’ll celebrate nature on this special day.  Hopefully, […]

Green Condo Living

Living in a condominium has numerous advantages, minimal maintenance for one, but condo living also has a smaller environmental impact than residing in a single family home.  It takes less resources to construct, and because a condo unit is typically surrounded by other units on three sides, it takes less energy (and money) to heat […]

Eco-friendly Outdoor Furniture, Part 1

If you’re finally “suffering” from Spring fever and anxious to spend some quality time outdoors with friends and family, you may be in need of new furnishings for your outdoor living spaces.  Even outdoor furniture can have environmental attributes, such as being made from recycled and sustainable materials. In part one of this series, I’ll […]

Eco-friendly Community Provides Neighborly Atmosphere

Chattahoochee Hill Country, outside of Atlanta, Georgia, is home to a community of homes and businesses focused on sustainability.  The Serenbe Community sits on 900 acres of forests, farmland and meadows and is surrounded by 40,000 acres of protected, undeveloped land. For those looking for a friendly, small town atmosphere where environmental awareness is prevalent, […]

Old Bicycle Parts Live on as New Household Goods

Ever stop to think about what happens to bicycles once they’ve outlived their usefulness?  Hopefully, they’re not headed to the landfill.  Some innovative entrepreneurs have found a cool, creative outlet using discarded bike parts.  Not only does this keep these materials out of landfills, but it also saves energy and resources when creating “new” items. […]

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by Going Green

When we “go green” on St. Patrick’s Day, we typically celebrate our Irish side, whether we’re Irish or not, but we can also “go green” by being more environmentally aware at the same time. Here’s a few ways to make your St. Patty’s Day a little greener: Carpool, or better yet, walk to the local […]

Eco-Friendly Non-stick Cookware

With health and environmental concerns over the non-stick coating on conventional pots and pans, you may think your only option is to cook with regular, uncoated metal pans.  In that case, many times, you’ll find the food you cook will stick to, and make a mess in, the pan unless you use a good deal […]

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