The Power of the Sun Can Help Heat Your Home

Solar walls, also known as trombe walls, use a stone, masonry, or even a water-filled surface to absorb sunlight during the day and then release it back into the interior of a home at night.  This passive green building strategy of using thermal storage walls, can provide 20% of a home’s heat — for free! […]

Alternative Building Expo and Green Building Tour head for Santa Monica

The 6th annual AltBuild Expo and Green Building Tour, both free events, will be presented by the City of Santa Monica, California, next month.  On May 2nd, the self-guided tour will highlight local green residences and commercial structures.  The Expo, where the latest and greatest in green building products and services will be on display, […]

GreenStrides Announces Consultation Services

I am excited to announce that GreenStrides has launched a new consultation service aimed at helping homeowners and small business owners go green.  GreenStrides Living offers something for everyone with three distinct services:  the Green Living Consultation; the Green Makeover; and Green Design Counseling. Our Green Living Consultation provides practical and cost-effective solutions to make […]

Eco-friendly Cedar Shake Roofing

If you’re seeking the classic appearance of a cedar shake roof, you’ll be happy to learn that there are a few eco-friendly options available — real cedar shingles harvested from well-managed forests or shake tiles made from recycled materials.  Either way, you’ll get a long-lasting, beautiful roof that will add a traditional look to your […]

How to Conserve Water while Landscaping

Now that Spring has arrived, many of you are beginning to make plans for your outdoor spaces.  Through proper planning and maintenance, you can grow a beautiful landscape without it consuming too much water.  This is especially important in dry climates and drought-prone areas.  A sure-fire way to achieve this is with a technique called […]

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