Keep Your Attic Cool with a Solar Powered Vent

When it’s hot and sunny outside, your attic can feel like an oven, but you can keep it cool all day long with a solar powered vent.  These vents use the power of the sun to operate and ventilate your attic from sunrise to sunset, when you need it most.  Many homes have conventional roof […]

Green Roofs Tour and Conference in Atlanta

I wrote about the merits of innovative green roof systems in a previous post, including stormwater management, reduction of the urban heat-island effect, and habitat for migratory and pollinating species.  This June, industry professionals and the public can tour a number of these gardens atop various buildings in Atlanta, Georgia.  Workshops at the Green Roofs […]

10 Easy Ways to Save on Water Bills, Part I

In an earlier post, I wrote about why we should conserve water, including among many reasons:  nationwide water shortages within 5 years, and of course, saving money on water bills.  Here are ten ways to easily save water in your household and reduce your expenses. If you look closely at your water bill, you’ll likely […]

Deck Out your Outdoor Spaces the Eco-friendly Way, Part II

In part I of my series on sustainable decking materials, I talked about recycled composite decking.  Here, I’ll focus on reclaimed wood that’s full of character and rich in history.  Wood salvaged from riverbeds and old barns, factories and other buildings slated for demolition, is typically superior to newly harvested trees.  Many species, including some […]

Let’s Face It, Brick Adds Historical Charm

Whether you’re restoring an historic home, re-facing your fireplace, or adding a meandering walkway through your backyard, nothing denotes a “classic” look like brick.  Plus, brick is fire-resistant, lasts for centuries, has thermal mass characteristics, and aids in stormwater management in outdoor applications.  Keep it “green” by using antique bricks or bricks made from recycled materials including iron […]

The Green Barbecue

With Memorial Day fast approaching, we are getting ready to enjoy summer picnics and barbecues.  As we commemorate those fallen soldiers on this special holiday, thoughts of how to make the world a better place come to mind.  Are there any ways to enjoy outdoor activities while minimizing our impact on the environment?  There’s actually […]

Deck out your Outdoor Spaces the Eco-friendly Way, Part I

Thinking of building a deck to enjoy your outdoor spaces to the fullest?  These days, decking materials come in all sorts of eco-friendly materials, from recycled plastic and composites to FSC-certified lumber and reclaimed wood.  Here, in Part I of my series, I’ll reveal the merits of composites that contain recycled polyethylene plastic (non-PVC) mixed […]

Top 10 Green Buildings 2009

For the past 10+ years, the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment (AIA-COTE) has passed its judgement on various buildings constructed using sustainable design concepts.  This year’s top 10 winners include a variety of structures, from affordable housing units and mixed use developments to a nature center and synagogue.

Eco-friendly Outdoor Furniture, Part II

Whether you’re looking to furnish your patio, deck or backyard with a new table & chair set, benches, Adirondack or lounge chairs, accent tables & planters, or perhaps a porch swing, there are plenty of durable, eco-friendly options for your outdoor spaces.  In part 1 of this series, old skis and snowboards were shown to […]

How to Buy the Most Efficient Appliances

Nobody likes to get their monthly electricity, water and sewer bills, but there’s plenty of ways to reduce them.  Read my Top 5 Reasons to Conserve Energy post where you’ll also learn about easy ways you can reduce your energy consumption.  Read about the importance of saving water here.  I’ve written numerous posts about water […]

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