Safer Lawn & Gardening Practices

Many of us want a lush lawn surrounded by blooming trees, flowers, and gardens, but are concerned about the health effects that various lawn and garden products have, especially on our children and pets.  Thankfully, there are many safer and more sustainable products on the market these days.

Sundance Channel’s New ECO TRIP Series Debut

The Sundance Channel known for it’s innovative and interesting programming recently premiered a new series that explores the origins and environmental impact of common everyday products.  The program reveals environmental, social and health effects of these products and provides its audience with simple solutions to living more sustainably.

Moderately Priced Pre-fab Homes Hit the Market

New to the pre-fab marketplace is a modern eco-friendly home priced under $100K.  The “i-house”, by Clayton Homes, features flexible open floorplans; highly insulated walls, floors and roofing; energy efficient windows, water-conserving toilets, and a butterfly roof that optimizes rainwater collection. I like the fact that when this innovative home is configured in an “i” […]

You’ll be Floored by these Eco-friendly Outdoor Rugs!

Looking for that perfect area rug to add some pizazz to your patio or terrace?  These days it’s easy to find great weather-resistant rugs that are made from eco-friendly materials, such as recycled soda bottles, flip-flop remnants and recycled plastic & packing materials.  Whether you need a new doormat or want a beautiful accent for […]

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day May 9

Fair Trade certification ensures that:  small scale farmers and artisans are paid a fair price for their products; human rights and child labor laws are strictly enforced; and environmental sustainability is a priority.  Special events have been planned around the world to celebrate this sustainable marketplace where you can participate in The World’s Largest Fair […]

Is Chocolate the New Fuel for Race Cars?

I don’t typically write about cars, but this one caught my eye!  An eco-friendly race car in the works in England claims to be the world’s fastest biofuel vehicle using vegetable oils and waste from chocolate factories as fuel.  Parts of the car are even constructed from plant-based materials.  See the Associated Press article here.

Eco-Friendly Drapes to Dress your Windows

One of the easiest ways to give your living room, dining room or bedroom a whole new look is to change out your old draperies.  Today, many styles of drapes are available in eco-friendly fabrics. Whether you prefer the elegant look of pleated drapes, the contemporary style of drapes hung with metal grommets, or the […]

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