Furniture Artfully Created from Junk Cars

It may sound hard to believe, but artist Joel Hester and his crew at Dallas-based company, The Weld House, salvage steel panels from junk automobiles to create marvelous pieces of functional furniture.  The rough and ravaged pieces of weathered steel are transformed into cool coffee tables, beds, armoires, and artwork.  Some of these modern masterpieces […]

The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass which is typically ready to harvest every 5 or 6 years, when it reaches optimal hardness, as opposed to hardwoods which take 60+ years to mature.  It regenerates itself and new shoots will start to grow once the harvested bamboo is removed.  Different manufacturers utilize varying methods to process the […]

Fall Fix-ups For the Yard, Part I

Here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, the leaves are just beginning to make their annual journey from the tree tops to the ground below.  It reminds me that Autumn is a wonderful time to get outside amongst the brilliantly-colored leaves and the crisp air, and get the yard ready for next Spring.  By following these tips, you’ll […]

The Importance of Native Plants

As development progresses across once undisturbed land, native plants are being bulldozed and destroyed.  Combined with the introduction of invasive plant species in many regions, this can have a devastating effect on the environment.  Not only is the appearance of these natural areas degraded, but this has a detrimental effect on birds, bees, butterflies, other […]

Recycled Glass Adds Pizazz to Landscapes

Pictured here, tumbled, recycled glass creates a striking and unique landscape with a “river” that winds through the yard.  Imagine its use in fountains, firepits, fish ponds, pathways, mulch beds, and gardens. How beautiful it would be in desert-scapes to bring in color without the use of thirsty plants!  From post-consumer bottles to post-industrial window […]

Tips for Saving Energy (and Money) With Older Water Heaters

Older tank-style hot water heaters are not very efficient, but there are some simple things you can do to save energy, reduce pollution and save money on your utility bill.  A tank-style water heater works to keep the water in the tank hot around the clock, even when hot water is not needed.  But since […]

National Solar Tour

This fall, sustainable homes and buildings across the country will be open for touring as part of the American Solar Energy Society’s annual event.  Attendees will see first-hand how energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green remodeling, can help reduce monthly utility bills, support energy independence, protect against power outages, and reduce carbon emissions.  Here’s your […]

The Latest in LED Lighting

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are super-efficient light bulbs and are gaining in popularity due to long life spans, minuscule use of electricity and low heat output (which minimizes the need for air conditioning).  LEDs are ideal for task, accent, and even holiday string lighting.  While LEDs have a higher initial cost than standard incandescent or CFL […]

How Green is Your Home Office?

If you’re lucky enough to work from home, you’re already doing your part to be green — reducing transportation impacts by not commuting.  Of course if you’d like to be even more environmentally-friendly, there are plenty of other things you can do. 

The Quiet Beauty of Cork Flooring

The cork oak tree is remarkable in that its outer bark (cork) can be stripped off allowing new bark to grow in its place without harming the trees.  The harvesting of this cork can be done numerous times over the course of the 200 year life of a cork oak tree, making it a sustainable, […]

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