The Dangers of Asbestos in Building Materials

The following is a guest post by Joe Lederman of Energy and sustainability fuel many facets of life in the United States. With a growing amount of education and technology in sustainable resources, many countries are leading the way towards a paradigm of green building and construction. In the world of home remodeling, there […]

Green Homes Festival in St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri is getting ready for it’s 8th annual green festival featuring a street fair of environmental resources, solar car races, sustainable-living workshops, a green craft show & sale, and an opportunity to paint a metro bus for the Traveling Environmental Mural.  The festival takes place on Saturday, September 26 from 10am-6pm at the […]

Add Character with Reclaimed Wood Flooring

One way to reduce demand on our timber resources, is to look for flooring and other products made from reclaimed wood.  This wood is salvaged from old factories, barns and other buildings where local resources were typically utilized to build and furnish them (a green trait).  It may even be sourced from the bottom of […]

Controlling Mold and Moisture

All of the recent rain storms pouring down upon us here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, has lead me to think about excessive moisture build-up and mold issues in the home. Even though mold plays an important role outdoors (to break down dead, organic matter such as fallen leaves and trees), it can cause problems indoors. Mold […]

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