Energy Efficient LED Holiday Lighting

Looking for a way to brighten up both the interior and exterior of your home for the holidays without running up your electricity bill?  Super efficient LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, are the answer!  LEDs use 80-90% less energy than conventional incandescent lighting, plus they don’t heat up like incandescents.  In addition, they last much […]

Tax Credits for Efficient Wood-burning and Pellet Stoves

Not only will adding a new, clean-burning wood or pellet stove keep your home warm and toasty this winter, but efficient models will qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $1500!  A new stove can provide your home’s primary source of heat, or simply supplement it, and of course it’ll add ambiance to […]

Eco-friendly Hotels are on the Rise

Recently, a chic hotel in downtown Philadelphia opened which is indicative of a positive, “greening” trend in the industry and the world today.  The former Architects Building in Rittenhouse Square was transformed into the luxurious Hotel Palomar.  It was constructed to the United States Green Building Council’s high performance LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental […]