High Cost Heating Bills Make Renewable Energy More Attractive

If high-cost heating and electric bills are making this winter unbearable for you this winter, perhaps it’s time to consider clean, renewable energy options.  It’s a perfect time, since generous state and federal tax credits, rebates, grants, and loan programs are available for those who install solar energy systems, small wind systems, geothermal heat pumps, […]

Green Kitchen and Bath Makeovers, Part IV

So far, I’ve written about easy green makeover ideas, energy- and water-saving tips, and eco-friendly countertop options. In this post, we’ll explore the ever-growing choices for stylish and functional flooring in the kitchen and/or bathroom.  Can you guess which type of flooring is shown here?  Wood?  Cork?  Linoleum?  Tile?

Tips to Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality this Winter

Winter may be a great time to “hibernate”, but if the air inside your home isn’t up to par, then it’s time to follow some tips to improve and maintain the quality of the air you breath.  These tips will be especially helpful for sufferers of asthma, children and the elderly, but of course all […]

Save Energy and Money This Winter

It’s easy to increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort, while reducing your heating bills this winter.  All around the house, there are ways to increase the “cozy quotient”, take the “chill out of the air” and save money on your energy bills. Plus, you’ll enjoy current Federal Tax Credits for many improvements.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Existing Fireplace

A roaring fireplace definitely seems warm and inviting on cold winter nights, but many older fireplaces are only 10% efficient! How does improved comfort, energy conservation, reduced energy costs, reduced noise, and improved indoor air quality sound? Here are some tips to increase your fireplace’s efficiency:

Green Kitchen and Bath Makeovers, Part III

If you’re looking for a quick fix to spruce up your kitchen or bath, check out my previous post, Part I of this series.  For information on saving energy and water with new appliances and cool gadgets, click here to see Part II.  In the remaining posts for this series, I’ll delve into options for […]