Lower Cooling Bills this Summer

This Spring we’ve had a taste of what summer will bring — high temperatures and humidity.  The good news is that there are lots of simple things we can do to beat the heat and still keep our energy bills in check.  Following these tips will not only reduce your expenses, but also benefit the environment.  By […]

5 Energy-Saving Retrofits

Wondering how you can make your business or home more energy efficient?  Houston Neal’s article, on softwareadvice.com, explains how 5 “green” retrofits will reduce energy usage in commercial, industrial and residential markets.

Green your Backyard with Eco-friendly Furniture

Looking for some artful, yet functional pieces to spruce up your backyard this summer?  In this particular post in my series of earth-friendly outdoor furniture, I’ll focus on cool collections made from reclaimed winebarrels, watertanks and barnwood.  Other options include FSC-certified furniture where the wood is harvested from well-managed forests.  From patio dining sets to […]

Green Garden Sheds

Thinking about adding a potting shed, storage shed, studio or playhouse to your yard?  Well, the good news is that these utilitarian outbuildings can actually be attractive, functional and even eco-friendly. The following sheds are made from recycled materials:

Beautify Your Garden with Low-Maintenance Plants

If you’re looking for low-maintenance flowers, shrubs and trees that will improve your curb appeal and beautify your backyard, look to native plants.  They’re easy-to-care for and come in many varieties suitable for both sunny and shady locations.  There are many benefits to integrating native plants into your landscape, as they: are naturally adapted to […]