A Greener Path

Looking to create a new garden path or walkway through your yard?  There are several earth-friendly materials to choose from which will add instant charm to your property.  You can create elaborate or simple designs with these materials too.  Another sustainable characteristic of the following path materials is that they are permeable and allow rainwater […]

Shade Trees Can Cut Your Cooling Bills!

Mature trees not only add curb appeal and value to your home, but they keep your house cooler when strategically placed around your property.  Some great deciduous shade trees (those that lose their leaves in the winter) include:  Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Quaking Aspen, Weeping Willow, Northern Catalpa, Sourwood and Oak species.  These trees, among […]

Garden Insects: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Knowing which bugs are beneficial, and which ones are pests, goes hand-in-hand with natural, non-toxic gardening.  Whether you have a fruit and vegetable garden or a flower garden, a little knowledge about the creepy crawlies and flying insects that kill pests will keep your garden blooming without the use of harsh chemicals. Synthetic yard and […]

The Trouble with Moth Balls

The following is a guest post from Jakob Barry: Let’s face it, mothballs are pretty old school, but upon discovering half-eaten clothing in your closet, many people still consider them an option. The main problem, however, is the little white spheres are dangerous to all living things including people, pets and beneficial insects.

Keep Your Cool, Take Care of your Air Conditioner

Whether you have central air conditioning or a window air conditioner, there are some easy things you can do to ensure it runs efficiently, therefore saving you money on electricity bills. Of course, the ultimate way to save energy is to turn it off when not absolutely needed.  When the weather is pleasant during the […]

Got a Green Home? Show it Off!

If you’ve built or remodeled a home, or business, that features energy-efficient and eco-friendly elements, why not let others see what you’ve done?!  The American Solar Energy Society’s 16th annual tour takes place this October 1st in most areas of the country, and you can add your place to the tour list! Or, if you’re […]

Decorative Recycled Glass Art

I have been amazed by the array of recycled glass objects (vases, pitchers, wall art, ornaments, home accessories, cheese plates, sculptures, lighting, even jewelry) that look like beautiful pieces of art.  Sometimes the new objects retain the character of the original glass bottles, while other times, the glass has been melted down to reveal completely […]

Cool Pergolas Capture Solar Energy

Did you know that outdoor structures such as pergolas, awnings and even carports can do double duty?  Not only do they protect you, or your car, from the hot sun or drenching rain, but these structures can be topped with solar panels to generate clean electricity for your home, business or electric car.

Revitalize your Exterior with Recycled Outdoor Rugs and Doormats

Looking for a quick fix to jazz up your outdoor spaces?  Try adding colorful accent rugs and doormats.  A wide variety of sizes and styles, from traditional patterns to whimsical motifs, are available.  They’re made of weather-resistant, recycled materials and brighten up any patio, deck or porch.  

Eco-Chic Bathroom Upgrades, Part II

If you have an outdated or water-wasting bathroom, this series of posts is for you.  In Part One, I focused on the bigger ticket items, such as cabinetry and flooring.  In this post, I’ll talk about the finishing touches and some must-haves for any eco-friendly renovation.  The following suggestions work well whether you’re creating a […]