Locally Quarried Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops certainly add a luxurious feel to any kitchen or bathroom.  In addition to their beauty, they are also very durable and long-lasting.  Natural stone, when sealed with low VOC finishes, add to good indoor air quality and low maintenance needs. Most stone is imported, adding to the environmental impact, but I’ve found […]

Earth-friendly House Siding

We all want our home exteriors to look attractive and protect us from the elements, so when it’s time for new siding, remember that there are siding options that have less of an impact on the environment than others.  Whether you live in a charming bungalow or a cool modern abode, there is an eco-friendly […]

Easy Ways to Lower Your Cooling Bills, Part I

The dog days of summer are here, but you can still stay cool and save energy by implementing some quick and easy fixes.  Of course, if you want to go the extra mile and make your home even more efficient, you can do such things as insulating your attic and replacing old hvac equipment with […]

New Uses for Old Windows

If you’re replacing your old windows with new energy-efficient ones, don’t throw them away!   You can donate them to architectural salvage yards or use them for new projects.  I’ve compiled a list of amazing things you can do with them that will add instant character to your home.