Shopping for a New Eco-friendly Sofa?

Many manufacturers, large and small, are jumping on the green bandwagon and producing upholstered furniture with more than just style and your comfort in mind.  The following companies adhere to sustainable practices, use eco-friendly materials and most manufacture their furnishings here in the USA. So, whether you’re looking for new living room furniture with clean […]

Wood Countertops Add Warmth and Natural Beauty to any Kitchen

Butcher block and wood countertops have evolved to include a variety of looks and materials, yet still offer a timeless look in either traditional or contemporary styled kitchens, as well as in bathrooms.  To keep it eco-friendly, choose from reclaimed woods, FSC-certified woods, Kirei board (made from sorghum straw waste) or bamboo. Benefits of wood […]

Sustainable Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are not only very appealing, but they are durable, easy-to-clean and long-lasting.  Whether you need new flooring for a historic property or a new build, hardwood flooring is a great option for many rooms in your home.  The best flooring is made from sustainably-harvested woods with finishes that won’t compromise indoor air quality. […]

How to Be Green by Lowering Your Cooling Bills

In Part I of this series on lowering your summer utility bills, I focused on the quick and easy fixes that anyone can do.  In this post, I’ll concentrate on strategies that cost a bit more upfront, but will save you money in the long run.  Not only does saving energy save you money, but […]

Today’s Low Flow Toilets Add Style and Water-Efficiency to the Bathroom

Looking for low-flow, but high performance from your toilet?  The stylish high-efficiency toilets on the market now are sure to make your bathroom remodel, or selection of fixtures for a new home, more sustainable. It’s important to conserve water considering we flush about 30% of a household’s potable water down the toilet!  Replacing an old […]

Eco-friendly Tile Options

Whether you’re renovating an old house or upgrading in new construction, there are many options for new green flooring and wall tile.  A wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, from traditional to contemporary, are available. Tile not only adds value to your home, but it is long-lasting, easy-to-clean and attractive.  Plus, tile can be […]

The Value of Street Trees

Tree-lined streets are not only appealing, but they add value to adjacent homes and businesses.  And, the benefits don’t stop there.  Trees provide much needed shade during the hot summer months and reduce the heat-island effect in cities.  They provide homes and food for songbirds.  Trees even clean pollutants from the air and help to […]