Reclaimed Lumber for Home Improvement Projects

Whether you need wood for flooring, millwork, furniture, fireplace mantels or exposed beams, you can add instant character to your home by installing reclaimed and restored lumber.  These antique pieces of wood, some species no longer available, are very strong and stable.  This wood is typically sourced from historic buildings, barns, factories and mills. We […]

Improve the Efficiency of Radiators

If you’re lucky enough to have hot water radiators, the most comfortable and least allergen-producing heating system, you may be wondering how to increase their efficiency this winter.  Here are some tips to help save money on your heating bills:

Warm up Your Home with these Green Winter Tips, Part I

Want to create a cozy retreat for those cold, wintry days and nights?  There are many things you can do to make your home feel warmer, improve its efficiency and lower energy bills.  In this post I’ll focus on ideas for drafty windows and doors.

Need a Hot Flame in your Life? Eco-friendly Fireplace Logs

Who doesn’t love a crackling fire on a chilly night?  If you’re tired of chopping wood and lugging it into the house when needed, firelogs may be a better choice for you.  Besides making your fireplace more efficient this winter, as I’ve written about in a previous post, you can heat up your nights in […]

Easy, Green New Year’s Resolutions

It’s actually pretty simple to live more simply.  Help yourself and the planet at the same time with a few easy changes to your daily life.  Here’s my list of top 5 things anyone can do to lead a greener lifestyle all year long: