Eco-friendly Gardening Planters

Trying to keep your container garden truly green this summer?  Today’s marketplace offers many greener options for hanging baskets,window boxes, raised garden beds and patio/deck containers for flowers and veggies.  Look to your local nursery/garden center or online resources to find a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and price ranges of planters.

Native Plant Landscape Plans

If you’re trying to make your landscape more sustainable, one important thing to do is to reduce the size of your lawn and add more native plants, trees and shrubs.  There are many reasons why lawns harm our environment:

Inexpensive Way to Heat Your Pool!

Aaahhh, the power of the sun! An industrious homeowner recently posted his work on a do-it-yourself project to heat his pool.  Basically, he mounted a regular garden hose to a 4×8′ sheet of plywood, painted it all matte black and wrapped it in bubblewrap.  It sits in the sun and heats up while a cheap […]

Win $500 during National Public Gardens Day!

Take the day off work, get out and enjoy nature!  Tomorrow, May 11, many arboretums across the country are open to the public with no admission fee!  Plus, you could win $500 with a photo you take while visiting one of America’s great gardens! Not only will the fresh air and beautiful garden designs inspire […]