Earth-Friendly Fourth of July

Let’s celebrate our freedom by taking care of this great land we live on.  Here are my quick tips for a festive, eco-friendly 4th: FOOD & DRINK:  Check out your local farmers’ market this weekend and fill your reusable shopping bag with local and organic products.  Serve  up your goodies with recycled paper products (plates, […]

Transforming Wastelands into Public Parks

Current state of Gowanus Canal (pictured above) A promising plan for the polluted Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, New York will transform this Superfund site into an 11.4 acre park of greenways, recreational open spaces and wetlands.  The future park, dubbed the Gowanus Canal Sponge Park, will use wetland plants to remediate polluted waters.  Wow!  The […]

Historic Hotels Make Your Stay Special

Ever wonder what it would be like to stay in an opulent mansion or a restored 350-year-old convent?  The National Trust for Historic Preservation makes it easy to find fascinating places to stay during your vacation, business travel, or other special event. To qualify as a member of the “Historic Hotels of America” program, “a […]

Top 5 Permeable Driveways

Driveways and other parking areas are typically paved with asphalt or concrete, and are not only unattractive, but detrimental to the environment. When it rains, debris and pollutants flow off these impervious surfaces into our waterways, many times via the sewer system, which contributes to stormwater runoff pollution. Paved parking areas also prevent rainwater from […]

All Decked Out: Eco-friendly Deck Sealers

‘Tis the season to enjoy al fresco dining, but first you might need to re-stain your deck or patio furniture to enhance and protect the natural beauty of the wood.  If water doesn’t bead up on the surface, it’s time to protect it from the elements to ensure it’ll last a long time. Opt for […]

Alec Baldwin Requests Wind Turbine

The environmentally-conscious actor and resident of the Hamptons, NY, has recently applied for a wind turbine for his 8+ acre home site. Although a couple of farms and the fire station operate wind turbines in Amagansett, he would be the first homeowner to have one. A public hearing will determine whether or not Mr. Baldwin’s […]

Eco-Chic Outdoor Wood Furniture

The rich, warm hues of wood furniture lend a timeless appeal to any outdoor space, but what makes it eco-chic?  It should be beautiful and stylish, but also made of sustainably harvested or reclaimed wood. Unscrupulous logging companies and governments, as well as illegal harvesters, are destroying tropical forests around the globe, leaving behind a […]

Infographic: The Greenest College Campuses

Who’s the greenest of them all?  Online Colleges Guide has created an infographic of the “greenest” college campuses in the United States. Compiled by: Online Colleges Guide

Light up the Night with Solar Lighting

Ahhh, the power of the sun… Nothing beats setting a path a glow without using electricity, which means easy installation and no wires to deal! Today’s solar lights typically use LEDs, or light emitting diodes, which are very long lasting, durable and safe (no mercury and they don’t heat up much).  A small photovoltaic panel […]

Recycled Rubber Mulch Makes quite an Impact!

Want something cushy underfoot for your garden paths or flower beds?  How about creating a softer place to land under your kids’ swing set?  It’s also ideal for equestrian areas! Recycled rubber mulch is a great option…Not only is it shock-absorbing, but it’s eco-friendly too!  What a great way to re-use the millions of used […]