Is your Landscape Set in Stone?

Natural stone has a timeless appeal and works well in any size or style of landscape.  Whether you’re adding a terrace or patio, a wall or raised bed, a walkway or driveway, stone adds a sense of permanence and beauty.  Strategically placed boulders featured as a grouping on the lawn or integrated into a retaining […]

Sustainable Landscape Architecture

I recently visited the Queens Botanical Garden in New York and thought they did a great job creating visually appealing sites to educate all who tour the gardens.  The intent is to teach others to be stewards of the environment by integrating sustainable elements into the landscape. Some of the impressive features include:  a green […]

Kill Mosquitoes Naturally

If you’re tired of being dinner to these nasty bugs carrying West Nile Virus and other diseases, here are some ideas to get rid of them in your yard without spraying toxic chemicals: 1.  Attract BIRDS that love to dine on mosquitoes.  They’ll eat hundreds! It’s a win-win, the birds help you and you help […]

Enliven your Backyard with a Pond

A small pond can have many uses … it can serve as a focal point or a relaxing destination at the end of a meandering path through your yard; it can be a valuable water source for interesting wildlife such as birds, frogs, turtles and other beneficial wildlife; it can contribute to a healthy ecosystem […]

Amazing Tree Transformations

Trees are a great asset for any lawn.  They add value to your home, neighborhood and to the environment.  But what happens if it’s time to take it down for some reason (old age, disease, lightning strike, etc.)?  Why not turn an unfortunate event into into a work of art?! Some artists use tree stumps […]

Space Saving Toilets for Small Bathrooms

If limited space is your design dilemma for a proposed bathroom addition or renovation, this is the solution!  We’ve all seen wall-mounted sinks, but what about wall-mounted toilets where the tank is concealed behind the wall?!  This frees up at least 8-10″ in a tight space, allowing for a more functional bathroom. Plus, those carrying […]

Vertical Composting!

How’s this for an ingenious idea?!  This vertical compost bin not only makes black gold for the garden, but it serves as a privacy fence!  An attractive arbor sits atop the “bin” made of cedar posts and welded wire fencing.  Fallen leaves and yard clippings fill in the bin to provide privacy. For other sustainable […]