Win a Free Folding Bike!

Make urban living easier by using pedal power instead of gas-guzzling vehicles to get around.  It’s more convenient, cheaper and better for the environment.  Plus, storing and transporting your bike is now more manageable with a light-weight folding bike. Here’s your chance to win a free full-size folding bike by Montague!  For more information and […]

Explore Private Gardens this July

With summer now in full swing, it’s the perfect time to spend vacation days touring the multitude of beautiful gardens around the country.  There’s something for everyone with gardens ranging from historic, fragrant, Japanese, container plantings, plant-specific (rose, iris, lavendar, for example), urban, edible, and private home gardens, to name a few.  Some places even […]

Historic Gardens in Need of Your Help

We all appreciate walking through a lovely garden, and those with historic character are especially appealing.  But, in order to maintain an authentic period look, much work has to be done.  Many historic gardens are in need of restoration.  Those involved in garden restorations rely on archaeological evidence, drawings, photographs and historical documents to bring […]

Must-See Places to Visit: Historic Water Fountains

Whether you’re walking through a public park, plaza or garden, there’s nothing more dynamic than experiencing the rushing sensation of a water fountain.  To me, the most iconic ones are the historic fountains.  They possess an extra special quality…they’ve withstood the test of time, perhaps having undergone painstaking restoration, reminding us of days gone by.  […]

Surprising Advantages of Natural Swimming Pools

Tired of the same old generic look that traditional backyard swimming pools offer?  Why not consider something better… Natural swimming pools offer naturalistic beauty and provide your family with a healthier swimming environment.  Plus, they cost less to maintain! Here’s the full list of advantages:

Eco-friendly Composite Fence Options

Even fencing in your backyard can be done in a more earth-friendly manner with products composed of recycled materials, such as plastic (typically HDPE) and reclaimed wood fibers.  This combination of materials creates a low-maintenance, durable composite fence that is resistant to cracking, rotting, and insect damage.  Plus, it offers the look of wood, but […]

Work Out at Your Local Park for Free!

The Trust for Public Land has installed outdoor fitness equipment at numerous parks across the country, with many more in the works.  These “fitness zones” provide free access to gym equipment that anyone, from athletes to the elderly, is welcome to use.  Some zones even comply with ADA standards (American with Disabilities Act). Many fitness […]

The Many Benefits of Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are designed to capture rainwater that runs off impervious surfaces, like driveways and lawns, to prevent it from entering the street, where it would pick up pollutants and heat on its way to our streams.  The rainfall waters the plants in the garden, then slowly filters into the ground where it replenishes our […]