7 Easy Steps to a Green Thanksgiving

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While we say we are thankful for nature’s bounty and beauty, there are also actions we can take to show our appreciation and reduce our impact on the environment. This year, while celebrating the traditional Thanksgiving holiday, why not follow these easy tips intended to green the occasion?

  1. Don’t forget the reusable shopping bags when doing your grocery shopping.
  2. Purchase local and organic foods, wine, and beer for the feast.
  3. When cleaning the house, opt for natural, non-toxic cleaning products.
  4. If traveling to your Thanksgiving destination is necessary, opt for the most fuel-efficient vehicle and make sure tires are properly inflated. You can also purchase carbon offsets to neutralize your transportation impacts.
  5. Make your guests feel special by using cloth napkins that can be washed again and again. If you are buying new, look for ones made from sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo.
  6. Save some energy and dine by candlelight. Soy-based candles scented with essential oils are the most natural option.
  7. Recycle beverage containers and anything you can, & compost fruit & veggie scraps.

Photo by Bev Sykes

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