A Builder’s Own Green Home

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Architect/Builder Bill Styczynski, of Chicago, is building his own home with many green features to show other builders and homeowners how easy and cost-effective it can be. The two-story, 4200 sq ft home will initially be open to the public as part of the Chicago Luxury Home tour (www.chicagohometour.com) in September, then home to his family after that.

The home will be south-facing to take advantage of light and heat from the sun and will be utilizing such green products as:

  • fiber cement siding (carries a 50-year warranty)
  • blown-in insulation made from recycled newspapers (provides a well-insulated and quieter house)
  • triple glazed windows (increases energy efficiency)
  • multiple zone HVAC system (prevents heating and cooling unused parts of the house)
  • ceiling fans (circulates air throughout the house)
  • water-conserving toilets and shower heads
  • Energy Star rated appliances
  • dimmers (to use less electricity)
  • wood products from managed forests
  • local products (to minimize transportation)
  • and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint

All good ideas…and there are even more out there…stay tuned, we’ll show you

Source: The Chicago Tribune

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