A Greener Path

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Looking to create a new garden path or walkway through your yard?  There are several earth-friendly materials to choose from which will add instant charm to your property.  You can create elaborate or simple designs with these materials too.  Another sustainable characteristic of the following path materials is that they are permeable and allow rainwater to filter through into the ground below to recharge aquifers.

  • WOOD CHIPS from downed trees/branches can be applied in a thick (~3″) layer for a completely natural pathway.  (Tip:  This pathway can be installed directly over grass by covering the ground with a layer of newspapers before adding the chips.  This will kill the grass and prevent weeds from popping through).
  • PINE NEEDLES make another great natural path, especially if you have a lot of pine trees on your property.
  • MOSS can actually be used for lightly-treaded pathways through moist and shady wooded areas.  It feels like a luxurious velvet rug underfoot!  Be careful though as it can be a little slick to walk on sometimes.
  • TUMBLED, RECYCLED GLASS comes in numerous colors and adds fun & sparkle to any space.  See my previous post here about this cool product.
  • RECLAIMED BRICK, COBBLESTONE or FLAGSTONE gives an established, aged feel to even the newest of landscape installations.
  • NATURAL GRAVEL occurs in pebble-size pieces, and is not quarried and crushed with fossil-fuel-burning machines.
  • RECYCLED, CRUSHED BRICK, LIMESTONE or GRANITE can be used in formal or informal settings.  If you find it from locally-mined sources, the environmental impact is lessened.  However, the pollution generated from the crushing machines is something to be considered.
  • photo of wood chip path by McD22

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One Response to “A Greener Path”

  1. Joyce Benson on July 12th, 2011 4:45 pm

    I forgot one more kind of eco-friendly path material: RECYCLED RUBBER MULCH! It’s made from used-up tires and comes in different colors. Your walkway will even feel cushioned! It’s perfect for underneath kid’s play equipment too.

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