Add a Touch of Wine Country to your Home

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Love the feeling of warmth and sunshine that emanates from the Napa Valley and other wine-producing regions?  One way to bring that sensation home is to incorporate furniture made from reclaimed wine barrels.  The barrels are typically made from the finest oak trees and are free from knots and defects.  During the course of many years in the wine-making process, the oak barrels absorb the deep, rich color of the wine.  The end product is perfectly-aged wood that beautifully accents kitchens, wine cellars and even outdoor spaces.

Whether you’re searching for tables, chairs, a wine rack or other accents/accessories, benches, planters, or even a guitar stand, you can find unique pieces handcrafted from wine barrel wood.  The artists at these small companies are sure to impress you with their artful work:

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