Agricultural Waste Brings New Life to Furnishings

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kirei board countertopBeautiful and durable furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and casework are now being made from a variety of agricultural waste by-products. Wheat straw, sunflower seed hulls, and stalks from the Sorghum plant are typically burned or disposed of unnecessarily after harvest, but new uses for the reclaimed ag-fibers are used to make innovative interior design elements.

Abundant and renewable resources, these agricultural by-products are used to create strong and durable panel boards with an exceptional appearance. The end products don’t compromise clean indoor air quality and don’t offgas Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) because they are urea formaldehyde free.

The Sorghum plant is grown around the world as a food source. The stalks left over after harvest are heat pressed with a non-toxic adhesive to form lightweight, strong, unique Kirei board. It can even be used to create stunning countertops like those pictured here.

Sunflower seed hulls are combined with bio-resins from soybeans to create a strong panel product that resembles traditional burled woods. You can retain the natural beauty of this product or stain it with conventional wood stains.

The fiber composite material of wheatboard offers a rich golden appearance compared to traditional hardwood or panel products. It too can be left with its natural finish or be customized through staining.

So, why not consider these sustainable alternatives for your next woodworking project or shopping excursion? Panel boards and finished products can be found at a variety of environmentally-minded building supply stores, furniture galleries, and online.

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  1. jessica on February 8th, 2011 2:22 am

    These are really cool and innovative design products! I’m in school right now to become an interior designer, and when I have my own firm, I hope to use these!

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