Brad Pitt Narrates PBS Series e2 About Sustainability

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The critically acclaimed PBS series e2, now in its third season, explores environmental challenges that global societies face with a look towards innovative solutions. Brad Pitt narrates e2 Transport which debuts today and delves into sustainable transportation alternatives such as:

  • ‘The transformation of London into a transit-efficient capital thanks to visionary mayoral leadership.’
  • ‘Paris’ ambitious public-private VĂ©lib bike initiative which encourages residents to forgo cars for bikes and public transportation.’
  • ‘The potential for local food production to lessen the environmental impact of the global food market.’
  • ‘The effort to reduce traffic and pollution in Seoul, Korea by restoring the Chonggyecheon Stream as a center of public life.’
  • ‘Portland as a global model of transit-oriented development and urban livability.’
  • ‘The unique strides being made by aerospace corporations, technology firms, and governments to make the aviation industry more efficient.’

Check your local PBS listings for broadcast dates and times. Online webcasts are also available online.

Source: e2 series

Means of Transportation in London photo by Malias Gideon

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One Response to “Brad Pitt Narrates PBS Series e2 About Sustainability”

  1. John Fretwell on March 25th, 2009 6:24 pm

    I have been trying to find something on tractor trailers and perhaps cube vans, that relate to their contribution to the global warming. I myself live in norhern Ontario, Canada, a four lane hwy just back of my place, with a truck inspection station on both sides. These area’s are quite large and trucks idle there, with some all lit up, and refridgeration units running some times, this probably goes on in other locations to, and probaly when they are loading up, or stop for a snack, buses too, that is a lot of polution?
    My suggestion is to put solar panels on these vehicles, it would save a lot of exhaust from entering the air, by running the extras, oh yes you may have noticed at construction sites the solar panels that alert you to construction ahead
    Maybe could be put to use there?
    I don’t blame the drivers it can come mighty cold some nights, and they have to protect their load
    John Fretwell

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