Bush Administration Finally Releases Climate Change Assessment

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After a long stance of denying that global climate change even exists, Bush came to his senses not so long ago. Now, after a four-year delay, a court order has mandated the Bush Administration release its climate change assessment. The report acknowledges that “human-induced global warming will likely lead to problems like droughts in the U.S. West and stronger hurricanes.”

According to Reuters, “A 1990 law, the Global Change Research Act, requires the government to do an assessment on global warming every four years. The last one had been issued in 2000 during President Bill Clinton’s administration.”

Bush may finally admit that climate change is real, but he has opposed regulating greenhouse gases, even though the U.S. is one of the world’s top emitters. Kassie Siegel, climate program director of the Center for Biological Diversity has said the government should launch a cap-and-trade program on greenhouse gases and federal limits on emissions to slow climate change.

Analysts speculate there’s little hope that a leading climate bill going through the Senate next week will pass before the next administration comes to power.

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