Calculating Your Carbon Footprint Made Fun & Easy

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We all want clean air to breathe, safe water to drink, healthy food to eat, secure shelter to live in, etc. to meet our basic needs. But our very existence and our everyday actions affect all of those things.

I’d like to think that most people are aware that our actions have an impact on the environment and on future generations. From careless use of natural resources to generating pollution, our daily lives affect our immediate and global surroundings.

At last week’s GreenBuild Conference & Expo, a new, interactive carbon calculator was announced. is a joint project between the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Johnson Controls. It allows one to see what kind of impact his/her daily life has on the planet. You can even view how others across the country are faring. As you play the green game, you’ll learn interesting tidbits and easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint. A final score at the end of the game will reveal your green print.

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