Cleaner-burning Fireplace Logs

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Cozying up to a roaring fireplace is one of only a few winter pleasures (at least in my opinion), but does it have a negative impact on the environment and the air we breathe? Of course chopping down trees or burning non-renewable natural gas isn’t exactly eco-friendly, but there are some other options available to build a clean-burning, robust fire at home. And you won’t treck in any bugs with these manufactured firelogs!

How about a firelog made of spent coffee grounds? Don’t worry the caffeine in the Java-Log won’t keep you up all night! It’s comprised of all natural, non-petroleum vegetable wax, coffee grounds, and natural binders. Even the packaging contains 100% recycled content. It burns up to 96% cleaner than wood and produces significantly less: residue after combustion (96%), carbon monoxide (87%), creosote deposits (86%), particulate matter (83%). With a great flame that burns for 2-3 hours, it’ll keep you warm and toasty. It’s easy to use and easy to find at your local grocery store.

The more traditional Duraflame log has now switched to using non-petroleum, natural waxes combined with sawdust and agricultural biomass for their logs. For a 3-4 hour fire, one Duraflame log will do the trick, whereas about 4 wood logs would need to be burned. This means far less resources consumed and less pollutants (90%) are emitted into the air. Significant reductions in fine particulate matter (80%) and carbon monoxide (75%) are also advantageous.

Pine Mountain offers an All-Natural firelog made from sawdust and vegetable wax that burns for 2-3 hours. It emits 85% less carbon monoxide, 76% less particulates, and results in 85% less combustion residue, when compared to oak cordwood in a typical fire. These logs, like Duraflames, can be found at big box retailers and grocery stores.

photo courtesy of Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association

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  1. Kevin Lumb on July 19th, 2010 12:00 am

    One of the most environmentally friendly & newest firelogs to enter the market place in 2010 is the all natural PowerLog derived from a twice removed annually renewable agricultural bi product called flax shives. Flax shives are bits and pieces of the stem of the flax plant. The PowerLogs are extruded with NO glues, waxes or resins of any kind into a densified environmentally friendly solid fuel that can replace cord wood in virtually any application. The PowerLogs were tested by Omni laboratories against oak cord wood and boasted 80% less particulate (smoke) emissions, 66% less creosote, more BTU’s (heat value) per pound and a longer burn time. Actual burn duration test lasted for 15 and a half hours until the PowerLog was totally extinguished. The PowerLog is classed as an environmentally friendly CO2 neutral solid fuel that does not contribute to our ever worsening depletion of our ozone layer. A dealer network is now being established to market the PowerLogs. Please check out for more info.

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