Climate Counts in the Corporate World

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from-climate-counts.jpgEver wonder if the companies you support with your everyday purchases care about you and the planet? Well, a non-profit organization, Climate Counts, will release its updated scorecard on May 7th regarding how large corporations handle the global warming threat looming over us.

The higher the score, the greater the company’s commitment to fighting global warming. Climate Counts use a 0-to-100 point scale and 22 criteria to determine if companies have:

  • MEASURED their climate “footprint”
  • REDUCED their impact on global warming
  • SUPPORTED (or suggest intent to block) progressive climate legislation
  • Publicly DISCLOSED their climate actions clearly and comprehensively

The scorecard will allow consumers to make better purchasing decisions and support those companies that are taking environmental responsibility seriously.

You can access here to see how companies, from Starbucks to Apple and Nike to UPS, rate on the 2nd annual scorecard.

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One Response to “Climate Counts in the Corporate World”

  1. Mike on May 6th, 2008 5:42 pm

    It is great to see big business taking the initiative in solar power. Wal-mart, google, and a couple other big names are showing that big business can be green as well. Good for them.

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