Contest Will Award Builders for Most Green, Affordable Homes

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As part of its Growing a Greener Mississippi campaign, the Mississippi Home Corporation recently announced a green building challenge to all homebuilders in the state, with prize money equaling $100,000.

The homes built must meet the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Model Green Home Building Guidelines level Bronze or above.  The NAHB Model focuses on six primary sections:

  • Lot Preparation and Design
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency and Conservation
  • Occupancy Comfort and Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Home Owner Guidance on How to Optimally Operate and Maintain the House

During construction, NAHB certified Verifiers will inspect the homes to ensure that green measures are implemented properly.

The first place prize of $50,000 will be awarded to the builder who designs and constructs the greenest, and most energy efficient house in Mississippi.  Not only must it be built to high performance green standards, but it must also sell for less than $175,000 or be eligible for the Housing Tax Credit Program.  $30,000 will be awarded to the 2nd place winner, and $20,000 for third place.

The Mississippi Home Corporation raises funds from private investors to finance the acquisition, construction, and rehabilitation of residential housing for persons of low to moderate income within the State.

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