Could Going Green Lower School Taxes?

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My answer to this question is, “Why not?!” If green measures, such as energy and water conservation, are incorporated into existing schools and those under construction, the payback period for such implementations will be a few short years. The savings, on the other hand, will be significant and continue to save money for school districts enabling school taxes to be lowered accordingly.

This morning I came across an interesting article at The Washington Independent that covered the story of sixth grade students and green enthusiasts at a Washington, D.C. school. They are following protocols of the Green Schools program set by the non-profit Alliance to Save Energy. By conducting energy audits of their entire school and studying ways to cut energy usage, they will learn important environmental lessons and subsequently cut costs for the district.

The article goes on to discuss green building efforts for new schools and retrofits, as well as LEED certification through the U.S. Green Building Council. It mentions that some school districts are requiring LEED certification, which I find to be most absurd, considering the huge expense it adds. I whole-heartedly think it’s a great idea to follow the high performance standards set by the USGBC, but to lessen the burden on tax payers, it is not necessary to pursue the official certification.

Pictured here is the Desert Edge High School, Goodyear, Ariz that was built to LEED silver standards in 2002.

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