Discovery’s New Green Channel

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Can’t wait ’til 2008! Discovery’s new 24-hour channel, PlanetGreen, is scheduled to air within a year. It will enlighten viewers in 50 million U.S. homes with the latest on green science and technology, transportation and eco-tourism, home greening and organic living.

They are so confident in the growing sustainable movement that they are investing $50 million into original programming. A web forum, including video content, will also be provided. In addition, they will fund scientific exploration journeys into the planet’s most endangered places. They will also form an expert advisory board to guide the direction of programs, partnership outreach and corporate activities.

They are leading by example by greening up their very own global headquarters too, in Silver Spring, Maryland, with plans to reach LEED Platinum certification (that’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design by the U.S. Green Building Council). It’s nice to see sustainability issues popping up more and more in mainstream society.

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