Dual-Flush Retrofit for Existing Toilets

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ecoflow.jpgLooking for an easy way to significantly cut your household water usage? Well, on average, 40% of a household’s indoor water is used for the toilet. So without purchasing a new high-efficiency toilet, you can either not flush as much, or you can buy a new little gadget called the Ecoflow.

This innovative apparatus adds a half-flush to nearly any standard toilet. Once hooked up, a flush button rests atop the tank providing a simple way to save water. The Ecoflow, by Brondell, will be available to consumers this September. While it seems like a good idea in theory, I am curious how it affects the performance of the toilet’s flushing power. It’s great that you still have the option of a full flush considering many older toilets don’t have the proper siphon power to completely clear the toilet without using 5 gallons of water. But I suppose for those instances where only a small amount of water is needed to evacuate the toilet, it will be quite efficient.

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One Response to “Dual-Flush Retrofit for Existing Toilets”

  1. Andrea on January 6th, 2009 6:59 am

    A regular toilet is not designed to flush paper and solid waste with reduced amounts of water, so the likelihood of clogging or having to flush twice increases. Standard US toilets clear the bowl with siphon technology, so the diameter of the trap way has to be a small as possible (please view siphon vs. washdown technology here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z6pymOet7g&feature=channel_page.) If you are serious about saving water, want a toilet that really works and is affordable, I would highly recommend a Caroma Dual Flush toilet. Caroma toilets offer a patented dual flush technology consisting of a 0.8 Gal flush for liquid waste and a 1.6 Gal flush for solids. Caroma, an Australian company set the standard by giving the world its first successful two button dual flush system in the nineteen eighties and has since perfected the technology. Also, with a full 3.5” trap way, these toilets virtually never clog. All of Caroma’s toilets are on the list of WaterSense labeled HET’s http://www.epa.gov/watersense/pp/find_het.htm and also qualify for several rebate programs currently available throughout the US as well as LEED points. Please go to http://www.caromausa.com for more detailed information or visit http://www.ecotransitions.com/howto.asp to see how we flush a potato with the half flush (0.8 gallons), meant for liquid waste. To learn more about toilets you can also visit my blog http://pottygirl.wordpress.com/. Best regards, Andrea Paulinelli

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